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SAFe News: LSE Big Picture updates, Preview Schedule and More

Hi Folks,

Many of us have been heads-down with LSE development (and admittedly a bit behind our planned power curve), so we haven’t communicated as frequently as we would like. But here’s a quick update:

  • We’ve received a lot of feedback about the evolution of the SAFe LSE Big Picture, the framework structure and intent, and its potential impact on SAFe 4.0. Long story short: PIs will be PIs in both LSE and SAFe 4.0 (Quantum is dead). Lots of other changes as well, as you can see from the latest revision of the BP, below.
  • The “Preview” version of the LSE framework will go live (publicly facing) in the next week or so. Most articles are in place, though some will only have abstracts initially. All articles, including the abstract-only ones, will be open for public comments through the WordPress comment mechanism. The framework will continue to evolve over the course of this year, with feedback open to the public for the next six months or so. Our plan is to reach V1.0 (all articles complete and revised a few times, certainly some new articles, Guidance, Glossary etc.) later in the year.
  • The first LSE training, “Applied Lean Systems Engineering with SAFe LSE “, a three day course, will be held April 14-16 in Boulder, CO. Space is still available. Register here. Additional sessions are scheduled later in the year, check Scaled Agile Academy for details.  Those later courses will be four day courses, with the fourth day intended for the SAFe Systems Consultant (SSC) certification process. However, that process will begin at the March class, and attendees that wish for certification will be automatically enrolled in SSC Certification process. We’ll provide some ongoing training, an exam, etc. (Attendees will not have to attend an additional class to become certified.)

And here is the new BP!

SAFe LSE Big Picture (rev 59)SAFe LSE Big Picture (rev 59)

In other SAFe news:

  • SAFe 4.0 continues in development with an August 2015 release.  Richard Knaster is leading that charge. We’ll sneak preview that BP update shortly.
  • A new video book, Leading SAFe Live Lessons, an in-depth exploration of the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework,  will be published by Pearson in about a month. Based on Leading SAFe, this 7-hr hour video text is my first foray into video books. I think it worked out ok. It will be included in Pearson’s Safari Books On Line series for those who subscribe, put will also be purchasable independently as well.
  • Leading SAFe 9, with a new pedagogy (following the Live Lesson’s Lesson and sub-lesson format), will also be release this summer. A couple of other new courses will also be released this summer.
  • Richard Knaster is working hard on a new book: SAFe Distilled, a 180 page overview of the framework. It’s about half written and will be released sometime towards the end of summer. It will be based on SAFe4.0

That’s it for the moment.

Stay tuned and stay SAFe!



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