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SAFe LSE Quick update

Well, we’ve (Harry, Dean, Alex and Inbar) been laboring mightily to develop all the new content for SAFe LSE. (Turns out, it’s hard). One result is the 50th (yes, version 50) of the LSE Big Picture.

(Speaking of laboring, Inbar’s wife just delivered twins to the family. I think he now has five kids under six; clearly a problem with WIP limits. Discussion with Inbar to follow. Congrats Inbar and Ronit!).

That’s somewhat besides the point, so to the point, the latest BP is provided below.

SAFE LSE Big Picture  version 50.

SAFE LSE Big Picture version 50.

At this time, we have about half of the articles in some state of doneness. Even then, we are doing some refactoring and integrating a new example, so progress is not what we anticipated, (but quality has yet to suffer). We’ll have a preview site available on a limited basis sometime towards the end of this month.

The second pic (below) is just a teaser for the “Baja 100 Amusement Park systems example we will be using to explain a number of key concepts in LSE. We’ll also use that in the course exercises (Applied Lean Systems Engineering with SAFe LSE)  for the upcoming 3 day course.

LSE Project

Safe LSE Amusement Park Ride concept drawing


if you are an early adopter and want to experience the first version of the course, encourage us, bang on us a bit, whatever, and perhaps influence the direction of the course, its pedagogy, and the framework itself, please register here.

See you in April or sometime thereafter.


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