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SAFe LSE Public Preview Unveiled

Well, it’s been some time in the oven (61 Big Picture revs so far), so we’re very glad  to be delivering this news: The public preview site for SAFe for Lean Systems Engineering (“SAFe LSE”) is now open for public comment.

If you’re new to this subject, SAFe LSE is a freely revealed, publicly-facing framework with a comprehensive set of values, principles, and practice guidance that systems builders can use to help build large-scale, complex, software intensive systems (often called cyber-physical systems) in a Lean-Agile manner.

The business model is based on the successful experiences of applying the Scaled Agile Framework to complex systems development. (If you are curious about how well that is working out, check out the Case Studies. There is no substitute for objective results).

Designed to meet the growing needs of those building the world’s most complex systems that contain mechanical, electrical, fluidics, optics and other elements that are increasingly software intensive, the SAFe LSE framework draws from four primary knowledge pools: classical systems engineering, Lean thinking, Agile and scaled Agile (SAFe) development, and Lean Product Development.

The LSE “Big Picture” ( provides interactive access to detailed guidance for the people that do the work, their major activities, and the work products that capture decisions and help guide the flow of work. SAFe LSE also features a Program Portfolio interface to SAFe, which facilitates visibility, alignment, and Portfolio level governance for software solutions developed under SAFe, as well those systems developed under SAFe LSE.

SAFe LSE is the result of collaboration between Scaled Agile’s Chief Methodologist, Dean Leffingwell, systems expert, Harry Koehnemann of 321 Gang, Scaled Agile’s Alex Yakyma and Inbar Oren, and a growing contingent of systems engineers in the field.

The preview site is a work in process. Most articles contain detailed guidance; some articles are currently in abstract-only form. All articles are open for comment. This public input will be used for ongoing development and refinement of the new framework, resulting in version 1.0 later in 2015.

Scaled Agile will be training and certifying qualified consultants and practitioners who will implement the framework in their enterprise or consulting environment. The first training course—Applied Lean Systems Engineering with SAFe LSE—will be held April 14–16 in Boulder, CO, and is sold-out. Additional courses are scheduled later in the year. Register at

We hope that this new framework provides value to the industry, and we welcome your input as SAFe LSE evolves to version 1.0 and beyond.


The SAFe LSE Contriburors: Dean Leffingwell, Harry Koehnemann, Alex Yakyma, and Inbar Oren

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