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SAFe 4.0 WIP: SAFe Principles

In working towards the next release of SAFe (V4.0, scheduled for release in August of 2015), we’ve been extracting and refining the immutable Lean-Agile principles on which SAFe is based. In so doing we’ll be able to make Principles and Practices clear and distinct, and further elaborate the principles (like “Limiting WIP” ) without worrying about elaborating the principle in the body of a particular article. Plus many principles underlie many articles, so this is the way we can handle the many to many pricnipels-to-practices problem. This Guidance page captures our work in process towards that goal.

In 4.0, we’ll move them from Guidance. Our current thought is to be able to link to the principles from the BP itself and also via a modal on the left, but that design decision is deferred for now.

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