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New Webinar: DevOps, SAFe and the Path to Better Agile Development

A Perspective on DevOps from SAFe, IBM and Telstra

Hi everyone,

Alex just participated in a webinar hosted by IBM that provides SAFe, IBM and customer implementation perspectives on DevOps. Other participants include:

  • Tony Christensen, GM/Agile Competency Lead, Telstra
  • Amy Silberbauer, Executive IT & Solution Specialist, SAFe and DevOps

The session was facilitated by IBM’s Kelli Houston. The customer is Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, who has recently implemented SAFe, with a rollout that includes over a thousand software development practitioners. That’s agile at scale!

It’s an interesting construct—a distributed panel discussion combining these unique perspectives. While the focus is on DevOps, there are some interesting findings around some “more obvious” constructs like the value of the common taxonomy that SAFe provides, the role of leadership in facilitating flow at the program and portfolio levels, the value and necessity of training to the new way of working, the cultural transformation that DevOps really entails, and more. This 30+ minute webinar provides a lot of value in understanding how to prevent agile from simply creating more un-deployed code laid on the doorsteps of the IT Ops team.

You can watch it here:

Stay SAFe!




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