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New, Free SAFe Posters Available for Download: 9 Principles, House of Lean

SAFe-principles-house-of-lean-postersWe’ve been seeing quite lot of discussion lately around the nine Lean-Agile Principles that we introduced into SAFe earlier this year. My Agile2015 presentation on the subject has had over 2,000 downloads, and the principles appear to be providing real value to the SAFe community.

We’re also hearing from SAFe instructors looking for posters of the Principles, and another key tenet of SAFe—the House of Lean—to support their training events. Great idea! So we are now providing two downloadable SAFe posters featuring the 9 Immutable Lean-Agile Principles and the SAFe The House of Lean. Feel free to use these  posters as classroom visual aids, leave behind materials, or office / conference room wall art.

The Principles poster lists nine immutable, underlying Lean and Agile principles upon which SAFe is based. These are the fundamental tenets, basic truths and economic underpinnings that drive the roles and practices that make SAFe effective.

The House of Lean poster describes the Lean value system that informs the SAFe leadership mindset. It is organized around six key constructs: Value, Respect for People and Culture, Flow, Innovation, Relentless Improvement, and Leadership.

You can download them now on the Scaled Agile Framework downloads page. They are 24×26” and completely free to print and use as long as you agree follow some basic legal usage terms that you’ll find on the download page. They are hi-res, vector, PDF files, which means you can enlarge them or shrink them as much as you want and they’ll still print sharp.

We hope you find these posters helpful, and look forward to any suggestions you might have for supporting your SAFe training events.

Stay SAFe,


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