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New download – SAFe in 8 Pictures

Hello everyone,

SAFe Foundations has been the cornerstone PowerPoint presentation for you to introduce the Scaled Agile Framework in your enterprise. Now there is a new, lightweight tool for introducing: (1) the levels, (2) the people, (3) the backlogs, (4) the cadence, (5) code quality, (6) relentless improvement, (7) economic prioritization, and (8) the full Big Picture.

The idea for this deck came about last year when I was presenting SAFe to an executive team. Three slides into my 35-slide deck, they asked me to turn off the projector. Standing in front of a 3 x 5 foot image of the Big Picture, we spent the remaining two hours discussing different dimensions of SAFe: the levels, the people, the backlogs…  The dynamic approach resonated.  I began using this same simple approach again and again.

SAFe in 8 Pictures deck

There are no bullets: only 8 pictures and 16 words. The graphical nature of “SAFe in 8 Pictures” allows you to tailor your talk to any audience. Behind it are robust speaker notes to get you started quickly. From there, you can continue building your knowledge with other content from this site.


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