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Collaborative Partnership between Scaled Agile and PEDCO results in Applied SAFe®

For some time now we’ve seen a growing demand for context and culture-specific instances of the Framework, especially for highly complex organizations who are looking for a scalable and sustainable solution to long-term adoption of SAFe. As we’ve learned, when an organization applies Lean-Agile practices without adapting them to their actual context, they often find that over time, their processes start diverging across the enterprise, causing teams to move away from common process goals.

To help meet that demand, we have committed to exploring new entry points and approaches to adopting SAFe. Scaled Agile’s premium offering, Enterprise SAFe, does just that by filling the context gap with features that provide greater extensibility and object-level customization.

With Enterprise SAFe off the launch pad, the door is wide open for Lean-Agile innovators to leverage its capabilities into their own applications and services. Such is the case with Peter Pedross from PEDCO and Erich Meier from Method Park. Using Enterprise SAFe as a foundation, they have taken that concept of customization and extensibility to a new level with their upcoming product, Applied SAFe, now being developed through a collaborative partnership with our team at Scaled Agile.

Applied SAFe is an extended, ALM tool-agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework. It provides a customizable instance of SAFe, and is implemented as a comprehensive, executable process model. It includes all roles, activities, templates, guidelines, and milestones as defined by the SAFe methodology in order to bring the framework to life.

The product will launch in April, 2015. See the full product description here. We are very excited about how this new solution can ease the way for a fully comprehensive SAFe adoption in the enterprise.

Stay SAFe, and happy holidays,



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