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Descaling Organizations with LeSS

Descaling Organizations with LeSS Scrum is a successful and widespread framework, but at some point almost everyone started to talk about scaling. Large organizations want to spread this miracle and Agilize everyone. Many consider agilizing large organisations as bad, and…

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What is Scaling Scrum?

Scaled Professional Scrum is based on unit of development called a Nexus. The Nexus consists of up to 10 Scrum teams, the number depending on how well the code and design are structured, the domains understood, and the people organized.…

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More on Scaling Scrum

I’ve been working with people who have actually made Scrum scale for large projects and product initiatives over the last twenty years. Our smallest project experience was 3 teams, average 25 teams, and largest was 80 teams. We abstracted a…

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JIRA Portfolio: The fundamentals

Getting started with anything new can be tricky, but getting the fundamentals right makes it a lot easier! For JIRA Portfolio, the fundamentals begin with initiatives and themes, so we’ll start with those. If you have any questions about other concepts in JIRA…

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DevOps Strategies: Data Management

In the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework data management is a Run (operational) activity that focuses on the execution of data-oriented architectures, policies, and processes. Note that the long-term planning efforts around data-oriented aspects of your organization are part of…

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DevOps Strategies: Release Management Part 2

In addition to the general release management strategies described previously, the general DevOps strategies, and the construction-focused DevOps strategies (including continuous deployment) there are several other release management strategies that support DevOps: Integrated deployment planning.  From the point of view of…

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