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DevOps Strategies: Data Management

In the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework data management is a Run (operational) activity that focuses on the execution of data-oriented architectures, policies, and processes. Note that the long-term planning efforts around data-oriented aspects of your organization are part of…

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DevOps Strategies: Release Management Part 2

In addition to the general release management strategies described previously, the general DevOps strategies, and the construction-focused DevOps strategies (including continuous deployment) there are several other release management strategies that support DevOps: Integrated deployment planning.  From the point of view of…

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DevOps Teaming Strategies

There are several teaming strategies that you can choose to adopt when it comes to getting development professionals and operations professionals to work together. Starting with the least effective and working our way to the most effective, they are: Production…

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DevOps Strategies: General

In a previous blog posting we overviewed the concept of Disciplined DevOps, which is the streamlining of IT solution development and IT operations activities, as well as supporting enterprise activities.  In this blog posting we begin to overview strategies that support DevOps.  This…

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Defining Disciplined DevOps

This posting, the first in a series, overviews a disciplined approach to DevOps.  It begins by defining DevOps, no small task given the continued debate within the DevOps community, and then described a disciplined approach to DevOps. Defining DevOps For our purposes we…

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