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Why I Prefer Commitment-Driven Sprint Planning

Over the past two weeks, I’ve described two alternative approaches to sprint planning: Velocity-Driven Sprint Planning Commitment-Driven Sprint Planning This week I want to address why I prefer commitment-driven sprint planning. First, though, here is a very brief refresher on…

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Commitment-Driven Sprint Planning

There are two primary ways for planning a sprint: velocity-driven sprint planning and commitment-driven sprint planning. In last week’s post, I described velocity-driven planning; so in this week’s, we turn our attention to commitment-driven sprint planning. A commitment-driven sprint planning…

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Velocity-Driven Sprint Planning

There are two general approaches to planning sprints: velocity-driven planning and commitment-driven planning. Over the next three posts, I will describe each approach, and make my case for the one I prefer. Let’s begin with velocity-driven sprint planning because it’s…

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What Is Quality?

Agile teams build high-quality products. Agile team members write high-quality code. Agile teams produce functionality quickly by not sacrificing quality. Each of these is something I’ve said before. And if you haven’t said these exact things, you’ve likely said something…

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