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Agile and SAFe in Gov: Progress!

Jason Bloomberg, a leading industry analyst who writes for Wired and Forbes, and who has interviewed us in the past, (see The Battle of the Agile Curmudgeons? Forbes on SAFe) has been covering  a subject to which we’re all paying very close attention: Agile in Government.

He recently wrote about advancements made with Agile approaches in one of the most problem-plagued agencies , the VA Administration. But this is as part of a much larger story, which is how scaled Agile is fast becoming a common approach across the entire US federal government. We are now seeing SAFe used in multiple agencies (Commerce, Justice, DHS, NGA, Navy, NASA, and a few more that we are aware of; not sure if it is in play at the VA). At least one or two case studies are in progress for eventual publication here.

This article is a good read for anyone involved with the Fed space, especially when it comes to understanding the political and bureaucratic wranglings that play into the government’s big technology decisions.

You can read his post here, and if you’re particularly interested in the VA’s Agile rollout, you can read more of the backstory here.

Stay SAFe!



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