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DevOps Teaming Strategies

There are several teaming strategies that you can choose to adopt when it comes to getting development professionals and operations professionals to work together. Starting with the least effective and working our way to the most effective, they are: Production…

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Multiple Levels of Done

The following was originally published in Mike Cohn's monthly newsletter. If you like what you're reading, sign up to have this content delivered to your inbox weeks before it's posted on the blog, here. Having a “definition of done” has…

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DevOps: Operational Disaster Strategies

There are several disaster mitigation strategies that IT departments may choose to adopt: Disaster planning. Disciplined organizations will plan for operational disasters. Potential disasters include servers going down, network connectivity going down, power outages, failed solution deployments, failed infrastructure deployments,…

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Using Scrum to Plan Your Wedding

In my ScrumMaster classes I always make the point that Scrum is a general purpose framework that can be applied to projects of all sorts. I’ve seen it applied to building construction, marketing, legal cases, families, restaurant renovations, and, of…

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