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How Rally Flowdock Does Support

On the Rally Flowdock team, everyone does customer support. We don’t have dedicated support people. The people who respond to are the ones who develop, market and lead Flowdock. This is surprising for many. We often receive requests to “pass this message on…

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How It Works: User Stories

Next Tuesday, February 10, our TeamStart webinar series will answer your questions about "Writing Great User Stories." Whether you’re just getting started with Agile or consider yourself an expert, join us to get and give some good Q+A. We’re going…

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DevOps Strategies: General

In a previous blog posting we overviewed the concept of Disciplined DevOps, which is the streamlining of IT solution development and IT operations activities, as well as supporting enterprise activities.  In this blog posting we begin to overview strategies that support DevOps.  This…

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Cross functional teams

Scrum teams are cross functional. Every person on the team has skills and experience that they contribute, turning the requirements into the best possible increment possible for them. One never knows when an insight, a memory, a skill rarely used…

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Defining Disciplined DevOps

This posting, the first in a series, overviews a disciplined approach to DevOps.  It begins by defining DevOps, no small task given the continued debate within the DevOps community, and then described a disciplined approach to DevOps. Defining DevOps For our purposes we…

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SAFe LSE Quick update

Well, we’ve (Harry, Dean, Alex and Inbar) been laboring mightily to develop all the new content for SAFe LSE. (Turns out, it’s hard). One result is the 50th (yes, version 50) of the LSE Big Picture. (Speaking of laboring, Inbar’s wife just delivered…

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