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[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Agile Coaching & Training” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-rocket” icon_color=”#51baef” icon_size=”32px” heading_size=”16px”]Do you want to know how Agile your company is? Do your employees need training? Perhaps an Agile Coach who actively, and on-site, coaches your company into becoming more Agile.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Scrum Masters” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”cubes” url_target=”_blank” icon_color=”#51baef” icon_size=”32px” heading_size=”16px”]We place Scrum Masters. Our scrum masters are all in-house, hands-on trained and followed up by a professional Agile Coach. We also train Scrum Masters on-site in your company.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Agile Developers” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-users” icon_color=”#51baef” icon_size=”32px” heading_size=”16px”]We have some very highly skilled front- and backend developers. All of them are scrum & agile trained. Most programming happens in AngularJS, React, Node.js, and in the Java domains.[/vcex_icon_box]

We deliver highly Trained Professionals

As you would expect from a company that provides Agile Coaching and Training services,
all are consultants are highly skilled, hands-on trained professionals.

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Why Choose Toocan?

[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Experienced” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”cube”]We know how the world turns around. Toocan consultants are trained professionals who have a proven track in building open sustainable agile work environments. We do root cause analysis. We don’t blame but improve processes.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Industry Standards” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”code”]It is very well possible we don’t stay in your company forever. Besides training your employees we use industry standard patterns and methodologies, which makes hand-over a project a lot less painful.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”We are Scalable” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”arrows”]With a reputation for large-scale agile transformations, you might think we only think big. We don’t. Toocan can transition small teams and whole organisations, coaching product development teams as well as executive leadership teams.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Independent” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-microphone”]We don’t do company politics. Toocan consultants are all independents. This way we can cut right to where the problem is. We focus on doing our job, which is leading you and your company into your agile journey.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”On-Site” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”thumb-tack”]We work from the inside out. We come on-site to embed ourself as team members as long as needed. We create self-organising teams.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Tooling” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”plug”]Limited by your agile software? We help to find, configure, customise and optimise your agile management software and licenses. We are specialists on both paid and free opensource solutions.[/vcex_icon_box]

Project in the Spotlight:

As a client I want to have the best trading platform ever. Live in 18 month from now please.

[vcex_icon_box heading=”Agile Coaching” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”rocket” icon_color=”#1e73be” icon_size=”36px” container_left_padding=”60px” css=”.vc_custom_1455400029452{margin-bottom: 40px !important;}”]An agile coach was strategically added to the project. Helping employees, stakeholders and higher management understand and enact scrum and empirical product development. Planning scrum implementations within the organisation. Streamlining multiple co-located scrum teams. Implementation of an enterprise level scaled agile framework. Leading and coaching the organisation in its scrum adoption.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_icon_box heading=”Scrum Mastering” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”cubes” icon_color=”#1e73be” icon_size=”36px” container_left_padding=”60px” margin_bottom=”40px”]A scrum master was placed within the team. Besides facilitating scrum events, the scrum master coached the development team in self-organization and cross-functionality. Strong focus on unit testing, test driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI), design patterns and refactoring.[/vcex_icon_box]

What Others Say

People just can’t stop talking about Toocan.
Have a look at the reviews from some of our many happy clients and partners.


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Agility is the ability to both create and respond to a change in order to profit in turbulent business environment

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More Projects Delivered in an Agile way..

Incremental development. The art of adding value, sprint after sprint.

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Your Project?
Do you need help in your agile journey? We’d love to hear your story. Don’t hestitate to contact us, no strings attached.

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